The most
modern methods
using Xero.

Have you been looking for a contemporary, automated accounting solution that is intuitive to use and easy on the eyes?

Xero is the solution you’ve been looking for.





Things have changed. Traditionally, accounting software was all about the bookkeeping process. Now, business owners want more.

Xero gives you visibility.

Live bank feeds are up to the minute. The dashboard provides a clear picture of cash coming in and due out, making it simple to see how your business is performing.

Xero saves you time.

An intelligent system that learns as you use it. Xero will remember what to do based on auto-recall and data rules. No mistakes and no need for data entry.

Xero is customisable.

The ever expanding Xero ecosystem means that its not ‘just’ an accounting software but a mix and match option that can be tailored for your industry. Do you need detailed job management? See Workflowmax as an example of one of Xero’s most popular add-ons.

It also looks good – It’s true – form does follow function. Designed to be functional and intuitive so you can do beautiful business.

Abacus can help your business get up and running on Xero. We can also manage your bookkeeping or train you to manage it yourself.

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