Working out where your business is headed and how best to get there can be complex.

At Abacus, taking an objective look at your business is something our team does especially well.

Do what you do best and leave the rest to us.

What people are saying

I have been working with Abacus on strategic planning for my business and what I really like about Tina is that she is a good listener. As a result she is able to suggest and help implement business solutions that specifically assist me in growing my business.

Sharon Higgins-Bush, Bean Counted

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At Abacus we believe that at the heart of every business lies six core elements.

When these six parts of your business are developed well and running smoothly, things just work. Staff are happy, clients are satisfied and business is thriving.


We can help you create and manage your dream team, and once you have built your team do you understand what motivates them?


A pilot doesn’t fly blind and neither should you. Together we’ll map out a strategy by developing creative ideas and make sure you can execute it.


We’ll run process design workshops and implement systems to help you manage your business and ensure you’re doing things the easiest way.

Marketing & Branding

Your strengths form the basis of your brand and marketing voice. Most importantly we make sure you speak to an audience that will listen.


We’ll analyse your finances to help you gain a clear picture of your business and set goals.

& Clients

We’ll help you develop and maintain client relationships for short and long term business.